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  1. You guys are off the hook! I saw your show at the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach, SC and I’d come and see you guys again! I told my friend that if you close your eyes, you swear you are at a Journey concert!

    P.S. I love you guys!!

  2. Saw your show in Wilmington,NC. It doesn’t get any better than this! Cannot get the show out of my head. Looking forward to next year.

  3. I debated on taking my 13 yr old daughter to see Departure for her very first concert at the House of Blues in Orlando, FL. What a show we would of missed if we didn’t decide to go… Departure was awesome and rocked the house! Two big thumbs way up, un-frigging-believable! Awesome vocals, guitar, bass, keyboard and drums. Guitar solos were insanely good and the sold out crowd was pumped up! Highly entertaining. We can’t wait to see you guys again. Thank for the memories you’ve gave my daughter and I for her first concert. You guys rock!

  4. These guys were amazing tonight at the House of Blues in Orlando, FL. I can’t believe how cheap the tickets were for how great these guys are. You guys Deserve to be making millions. It really was an unbelievable performance and I’m going to recommend to everyone that they go see your show. You definitely need to come through Orlando more than once a year.

  5. Departure’s concert in Gadsden, AL Friday night made my summer! Thank you for sharing your love and respect for Mr. Steve Perry with all hard core Journey fans with your great talents. Such a fabulous show; can’t wait til Departure comes back to Alabama!

  6. You guys rock😵👍🏻🎈 My friend and I saw you 3 years ago in Myrtle Beach, SC and could not believe then how great all of you are, but when we saw you 6/2/2017 in Franklin, NC you were even better😵 I made videos and keep listening and watching them over and over to relive the concert. I also am sharing them on Instagram, FaceBook and Twitter and telling everyone what a great band you are and how you sing your hearts out with every performance. Keep rocking😎🎹🎤🥁💥🔥

  7. Went to see these guys last night at The Smoky Mountain Performing Arts Center. I was blown away! So much energy! Over 2 hrs of great music. I cannot wait to see them again. Definitely a do not miss!

  8. WOW! We saw Departure last night at Madlife Stage & Studios in Woodstock, GA and they rocked me back to the 80’s! They are spot on from the first hit song they took me down memory lane. Close your eyes and you are rocking out to the real journey! Do not miss checking them out… you will enjoy every minute of it. Rock On!

  9. Absolutely LOVED the songs, the music, the guys and the phenomenal show they put on at Salvage Station in Asheville, NC last night….would DEFINITELY see them again!!

  10. I just saw these guys at the Dublin Theatre. I’m looking at their tour dates so I can go see them again… they are real good. I’ve even text some friends to go see them in the states where they’ll be touring. The lead singer is real, real close to Steve Perry.

  11. Great show in Chattanooga at the Revelry Room! This is my third time seeing them. I take someone new every time and always get the same reaction every time; awesome!! Not only are they great musicians, they are quite entertaining and all down to earth guys. I will definitely go see them again.

  12. Holy shit! I just watched you play at the Emerald Grande in Destin, FL for New Years eve. You guys are amazing!!!

  13. If you have never seen this band, make it a point to GO! We have seen them twice so far… and it just keeps getting better. You will NOT BE disappointed. People hear the word “tribute band” and think there’s no way they could be as good as the original, but for my money, they are SPOT ON! The lead singer must have mutant lungs cause Steve Perry has nothing on him!

  14. Another great night of Journey music last night in Marietta! I heard about ya’ll in June and have been going to your shows ever since, never disappointed… you guys rock! Ya’ll keep it up guys, Journey should be proud of what ya’ll do in keeping those great songs alive. See you again soon!

  15. Watching this band right now at The Mercury Ballroom in Louisville, KY. They have the Journey stitch down pat. I’m really enjoying them.

  16. I saw Departure in Hawkinsville, GA on last night on 8/20/2016. Wow! Great concert! You guys have the Journey sound perfected. I could close my eyes and swear I was listening to the real Journey. Great musicians and great crowd interaction. Super 80’s Rock N Roll look too. I took my 13 year old son who has been listening to my “old” music and he just loved your concert. He will always cherish that guitar pick Doug Ballard gave to him. Keep Rockin guys!

  17. I saw them last night at the Hawkinsville Theater. They were a unified band. Were polite an outstanding musical tribute to the music of Journey past and present. Thanks for all the great memories Brian, Mark, Doug, Joel and Michael.

  18. Departure rocks! This band had the crowd eating out of their hand. Truly great guys and amazing musicians too. Brian Williams channels Steve Perry and even looks like him. His vocals were spot on perfect and he has a truly amazing vocal range. Mark Schwartz nailed every one of my favorite Journey songs note for note on the guitar. Everyone in the band sings and they had beautifully blended harmonies. The band is tight, totally in sync and right on the money. The thing I loved most is how they drew in the crowd from the get-go. People were on their feet, dancing, smiling, waving their hands from side to side, hugging each other and just having the time of their lives. It was the best. I heard they were good and that’s an understatement. Thank you so much for a great evening and for the wonderful memories.

  19. Saw you guys at the Chamblee Fourth of July celebration. You were just wonderful. It took me back in time. I am now 65 and handicapped but I could still move to the music. Absolutely wonderful. Most definitely will see you again.

  20. We saw these guys at the Bonanza Extravaganza in Hagerstown, Maryland and were very impressed with both of their shows over the weekend. Along with amazing talent, they are down to earth nice guys to talk to as well. I would encourage anyone to go see them in their travels. Incredible tribute band!

  21. Brian, awesome job in Carrollton at the AMP tonight. Man, I have heard a lot of lead singers in my life with both my wife and sister traveling professionally as musicians, but man, your voice just blew us away. You really have a special gift. People pay big bucks to be able to sing like that and you made it look so easy. Keep on rockin!

  22. Great show last night at the Georgia Theater in the classic city of Athens, GA! I loved all the songs and what an end to the show!!! Awesome vocals, truly an awesome experience for us fans. KEEP ON ROCKIN’

  23. We saw this amazing band at the House Of Blues in Myrtle Beach, SC on January 30, 2016. We’re celebrating our 34th wedding anniversary and could not have picked a better show; you guys blew us away! The band performed for 2 hours and 40 minutes without taking a break and the last song was just as amazing as the first! Having seen the real Journey in concert, we were blown away by how on spot Departure captured the sound, energy, movements and appearance of the real Journey. Closing your eyes you could hear Steve Perry singing! Thanks for a wonderful evening…. we will definitely see you again!

  24. We saw Departure on the riverfront in downtown Wilmington, NC Friday night and it was awesome! We could not believe how freaking amazing these guys were and that the city of Wilmington put this concert on for FREE! We drove down from Lynchburg, VA for a beach weekend and some Wilmington fun and were blown away by this band. Highlight of our weekend!

  25. The guys were back at Sixes Tavern last night in Cartersville, GA. This is my 4th time seeing them and it only gets better and better each time. They are such a talented group and they never cease to amaze me. They always bring something new to their show. Can’t wait to rock with them again soon!

  26. You guys put on a great show last night at the Beaufort Water Festival! Even with the weather putting a damper on things, the show went on and you had the crowd rocking and singing. I heard nothing but great reviews from my friends that also attended. I hope they bring you guys back again.

  27. Got to see the band last night at The Furniture Factory in Huntsville, AL. Great job my friends and I had a blast! Can’t wait for you all to come back again. I am now a huge fan of Departure!

  28. Another amazing show in Downtown Woodstock, GA this weekend by Departure. The crowd was huge and everyone was rocking out for 2 hours. Great job guys. I have seen you perform about 12 times and will continue to follow and come out to these events. Keep on Rockin’!
    Don Johnson

  29. These guys are more than amazing. Their stage presence and musical ability is definitely worth seeing. Brian has a wonderful voice! I have seen them 3 times and will be going again soon. If you want a great show and great music you will get that and more with Departure.

  30. I saw your show in Woodstock GA, and you were amazing! I have never had so much fun at a concert! You guys rocked, and had the whole crowd singing and dancing to every song. It was just like watching the real Journey! I just had to tell you guys how awesome you were. Hopefully you guys will make it to Woodstock again soon.

  31. I saw you guys play at the 4th of July concert in Pigeon Forge, TN. It was my first time hearing your band play, but I was really impressed. I wish I could’ve met the band after the show and got a t-shirt. Everyone in my group admitted your performance was better than Diamond Rio’s. I will definitely be coming to another concert of yours when I can.

  32. I saw you guys for the first time Friday night in Kingsport, TN and you were awesome. I will definitely be at your next concert when you come to Kingsport or anywhere close by. When you sang “Faithfully” and “Oh Sherry”, you had everyone on their feet. I had my picture taken with the bass player and he was great (cute too). Great Concert!! Awesome Band!! Hope to see you guys again in Pigeon Forge on the 4th of July.

  33. Saw them in Kingsport, TN last night. The band is just fantastic, that is really what I think. Oh, by the way…. VERY talented group! I would recommend seeing them if you get the chance!

  34. You guys Rocked Kingsport, TN tonight and played Journey to perfection! I actually thought I was listening to the real Journey. Brian, you have amazing vocals and a very strong voice that sounds very close to Steve Perry (in my opinion ). The music was played to absolute perfection too. And on top of it all, you guys were the nicest guys that I’ve talked to after a concert in a long time. I want to take a moment to say thank you for being so sweet and down to earth.. and thank you for the great music. I truly think you guys will go far, so don’t ever give up… and if you have a chance, you better come back to Kingsport cause we miss you already!

  35. I saw this band for the first time at the Charlotte Speed Street Festival on May 27th. Your singer is amazing! Sounds better than the current lead singer of Journey. The band is awesome too. Keep up the good work.

  36. We were very impressed with this band. The best vocals I have heard ever. Flawless. We’ll go out of our way to see this band again.

  37. My husband and I saw you tonight at the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach, SC. This was the second Departure concert we have been to this year. You KILLED it tonight! The band was so tight and Brian’s vocals were amazing! The concert was 2 1/2 hours long with no loss of energy! My husband has seen the real Journey several times and says that Departure is right on the mark -close your eyes and you would think Steve Perry was there singing. Everyone there had a great time. Your talent really shined! We are sure tonight’s video footage will be rocking. You deserve every bit of success!

  38. Saw these guys last night (5/10/15) in Buford, Georgia. What an awesome performance ! If you haven’t seen them, yet, make it a point , especially if you’re a Journey fan. You won’t be disappointed.

  39. You guys ROCKED Charleston again last night! What a crowd too!! You all are awesome and very accommodating to your fans picture request and autographs…. Nice Job!


    • I have been a big Journey fan since I was 8 years old. I was really impressed with your band in Mt. Pleasant, SC last Friday. I just saw Journey play in Columbia, SC last month and I was not impressed by Arnie, the new lead singer. He jumped around so much that he was out of breath after each song. I know he’s trying to bring the fire back to Journey but he needs to just sing like you all did. I understand Neal, John and Ross are much older but they were missing cords and riffs like they were just too worn out to play but you guys brought Journey’s music back to life. I was in heaven when you played the earlier Greg Rolle and Steve Smith stuff. I really, really enjoyed your music and thanks for the music memories. Rock on dudes.

  40. Guys, It was a privilege to attend your Hawkinsville Ga. concert on Jan. 31st, and even more a privilege to be on the front row. You guys were fabulous, AWESOME, unbelievable. Best concert ever.!!!! I treasure the memory, my autographed t-shirt, and even my guitar pick. Hoping to see you again, and thanks for sharing your amazing talent. YOUR FAN, PATSY

  41. Just saw you guys last night (Valentine’s eve) at The Wing in Marietta, GA. As always, they rocked the place. Great performance, musicianship and vocals! Steve Perry, Neal Schon, Jonathan Cain and all of the various members of Journey through the years would be proud of you!(And maybe a bit nervous?) I’ve heard most of the Steve Perry replacements (Soto, Augeri,Pineda) and I thought Steve Augeri was the best of them until he blew his voice out. But Brian tops them all in both voice and showmanship! And the way you guys interact with your audience and generally just ‘goof’ off of each other is awesome. Y’all obviously enjoy what you’re doing, who you’re doing it with (musically, I mean!) and who you’re doing it for!!

  42. My wife Alicia & I saw Departure last night at 37 Main in Buford, GA and we were blown away. I’ve been a Journey freak since 1980, and I was skeptical about going to see a “cover band” attempting to do Journey, that skepticism was quickly put aside, you guys just killed it! I think if Steve Perry OR Arnel Pineda were in the audience, they would have wondered if they could have matched what we saw. The tempo, showmanship, cohesiveness & most importantly the “voice” was SO GOOD. Bravo!

  43. This Band is exceptional. Unbelievable strong vocals and perfect pitch. If you close your eyes, you would think that Steve Perry was singing. All of the Band members do a great job interacting with the audience. I definitely will see these guys again. A great experience that the entire family will enjoy.

  44. I have seen these guys about 7 times and really enjoy each time. And how cool are the guys. Can’t wait for the next time.

  45. Journey is my favorite band. I’ve seen a number of tribute bands… These guys are the best. Great showmanship, great guitar and great vocals. Waiting for intermission to be over here at The Marietta Strand so I can hear more.

  46. We just saw you in Destin for New Years Eve 2014. You guys are awsome! We enjoyed every song. Lost my voice singing and yelling so loud!! Can’t wait to see you again.. Thank you for being so true to the Journey sound!!

  47. Love you guys. Concert was great and keeps getting better every show.Will be at every show that Departure does. Awesome group of guys.. Never stop believing!

  48. Saw Departure for the third time at 37 Main Buford! I drove over an hour and lost sleep just to get that “B-12” shot again…. You guys are amazing, giving fans such a great show, consistent on every song and your talent is beyond words. If someone closes their eyes, they would swear they were hearing the original Journey band. Never under estimate your talents. There are people who would give their left and right arm to be as talented as you all are. The vocals on Brian make me so happy, and the thrills are endless. Thanks for being awesome!

  49. AWESOME show at 37 Main John’s Creek this weekend 8/8/14! Place was packed. DEPARTURE sounded amazing as always… Thanks for another fabulous night of ROCK N’ ROLL with you!

  50. I saw Departure last night for the first time at 37 Main in John’s Creek, GA. They were AMAZING! What a show! Very, very talented artists who clearly enjoy what they do and highly engaging to their audience! I walked away feeling like I had taken a trip back in time into the 1980’s. Only thing missing was my letterman jacket and a large majority of the hair I once had. We will definitely be back at 37 Main next time Departure plays! Much, much respect!

  51. I have always been a fan of Journey because my parents listened to them when I was growing up. My husband and I went to the Lenox Mall 4th of July show and we heard them say Journey Tribute Band “Departure”. In my mind I am thinking that this was just another tribute band and they would be a joke. THESE GUYS ARE THE REAL DEAL! They sang all the right songs and they sounded AMAZING. After the show I saw the lead singer and I held up my thumb and said great job, then he winked at me and threw something to me. It was a Departure t-shirt and I got to take a picture with him. I have never had any band (or anyone for that matter) be that nice to me! We are making plans to see y’all real soon! YOU GUYS ROCK! JOURNEY WOULD BE SO HONORED BY YOUR TALENT!

  52. I feel like I just saw a Phillips Arena show for $8.00 at the Buford Community Center. Seriously, we walked out of there blown away by this band and Brian’s talent! Where can we send extra money since we robbed you guys? Lol.

  53. Saw Departure for the first time at the Buford Community Center. For over 2 hours I was again 16 wearing a mullet, smokin’ swisher sweets and rocking the station wagon with my girl in the back seat and Journey in the cassette deck.

    Seriously, these guys are OUTSTANDING musicians, with unyielding energy and passion putting on an unforgettable show. Journey should be honored to have such a tribute band.

    Thanks Departure for building a time machine taking us back to the summit of 80’s rock… STONE IN LOVE! (forever)

  54. Just got out of the concert at the Buford Community Center. This is the best Journey tribute band! Y’all ROCK! If y’all play in Buford again I will definetly be there!

  55. Just watched these blokes rock out The Harborwalk village in Destin, FL. I was the British bloke in the front row. I’ve seen these blokes a bunch of times and they are truly amazing. Everyone of them is extremely talented in their own right and the singing is fantastic. This is a band that EVERYONE should see at least once in their lifetime. I’m not joking when I say they sound just like Journey. The Greatest tribute band I have ever seen. I am a fan for life.

  56. My husband and I saw you for the first time last night at the House of Blues in New Orleans. You guys blew us away. We were in the front row and enjoyed every minute of it. Anyway, lots of energy, spot on in replicating Journey songs, vocals were amazing. We’re hooked and looking forward to your return to New Orleans! Thanks for a great show!

  57. Departure is Truly THE Ultimate Journey Tribute Band. They do all the favorites and even some less known, although every song they play is amazing! Brian’s singing voice is absolutely amazing! Love Mark’s guitar riffs! I have seen them now 5 times this past year and cannot get enough, I want to see them all the time!

  58. The concert at the Alabama Theater April 26 was fantastic! So great to hear some of the older Journey songs all the way up to Be Good to Yourself off of Raised on Radio. Y’all are so very talented and I hope you come back to Birmingham. Do y’all ever do The Party’s Over? One of my favorites and I bet it would sound great!

  59. Just saw Departure for the first time April 19 at The Strand Theatre in Marietta, GA – Wonderful show, great music, high energy. Will see them again and again.

  60. Departure from Atlanta is a great journey tribute. Vocals and instrumentals are as good as Journey was live in the 80’s. Lead singer can hit the Steve Perry high notes even better! Guitarist is spot on, drummer kills it, bass is a good showman, Keyboards are perfect and he sings lead on the non Perry songs. Non stop music for over 2 hours. High energy, great showmen. Not too young, not too old.

    • We saw you guys play yesterday at Patriot Park in Pigeon Forge for The first time. My Husband and I were just walking in and listen to the music playing thinking that there was a Journey cd playing. To our surprise we then realized it was a live band and omg I couldn’t believe your voice and how identical you sound to Steve Perry and his band Journey. I loved what I heard, what a gift. Thank you for delighting us! It was an amazing concert and we are going to find out where you are playing next to see you again.

  61. The first time I saw you was in Destin, FL 2013 and you guys rocked. I just had to see guys again in Chattanooga. You put on another great show! keep up the great rock and roll and we’ll see you guys again in Chattanooga in April. Rock on!

  62. Just saw these guys for the second time last weekend at Amos’ Southend in Charlotte NC. & I must say it was just as awesome as the first time! They are a great group of musicians! Lots of fun and always great music! Rock on guys!

    -Amy (Rock Hill, SC)

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